Instrument Rentals
We know it can be hard for parents to rent and buy band and orchestra instruments. Often our children want to try many sports and hobbies yet we can’t afford to support all of them. Because of this we have designed our rental program to be the easiest, hassle-free system available in the Treasure Valley.

Our Rental Program Highlights

  • Low Monthly Payments!
  • Purchase any time - all rent applies!
  • Upgrade to step-up, semi-pro or pro and all rent still applies!
  • Return instrument at any time
  • No Credit Check
  • Credit/Debit card required for contract
  • Any repairs and regular maintenance after 90 days will be split 50/50.
  • We service our own instruments with a qualified and highly skilled technician. Our technician also maintains many school instruments directly – proof he is one of the best!
We are locally owned, love music, and we’re easy to work with!
    We promise not to turn your kids musical hobby into your hassle!
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